Laura M. PURDY

Wells College
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Ph.D. Stanford University, Philosophy, 1974
M.A. San Jose State University, Philosophy, 1971
B.A. San Jose State University, Social Science, 1970
University of Maryland, 1966-1969
"A Critical Analysis of Francisco de Vitoria's Law of Peace"
Visiting Fellow, University of Colorado, Boulder, April 1-15, 1994.
Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, February 15-March 15, 1994
Visiting Scholar, Hastings Center, September 20-October 12, 1993.
Wells College Award for Excellence in Teaching, May 1993
Exxon Fellowship in Ethics and Medicine, Center for Ethics, Baylor Medical College, June 1985
Wye Faculty Fellow, June 1984
1997--2000 Bioethicist, University Health Network, and the University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics, and Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy
1992-- Professor of Philosophy, Wells College
1988-90 Hamilton College; 1988-89, Irwin Chair; 1989-90, Visiting Associate Professor
1986-92 Associate Professor, Wells College
1979-85 Assistant Professor, Wells College
1979 Lecturer, Wells College
1979 Lecturer in Women's Studies, Cornell University
1977-78 Research and Postdoctoral Fellow, Science, Technology & Society
1975-77 Postdoctoral Associate, Science, Technology & Society, Cornell University
1978 Assistant Editor, Retrospective Indexing Project, Bowling Green State University
1975 San Jose State University, Extension Instructor
Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Biology and Human Nature, Business Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Economic Justice, Ethics, Law, and Social Policy, Issues in Feminism, Logic of Inquiry, Introduction to Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy, Moral and Political Problems in Education, Philosophy of Law, Political and Social Philosophy, Biomedical Ethics, Reproductive Ethics.
Ethics, Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Feminism, Education, Family Issues.
Editorial Board: Hypatia, Bioethics.
Editorial Advisory Board, Feminist Studies series, Open Court Publishing Co.
Consulting (proposals and manuscripts): Cornell University Press; Indiana University Press; Oxford University Press, Rowman and Littlefield, Temple University Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, University of Minnesota Press, University of Rochester Press, Massachusetts Institute of Technology..
Outside Examiner for Honors Examination, William Smith College, May 28,1990.
Advisory Board, Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (IAB)
Executive Board, Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs.
Secretary/Treasurer, Creighton Club, 1978-80, 1992-93.
External Consultant for promotion, Carleton University, Fall 1993.
Co-Chair, North American Society for Social Philosophy, Eastern Division, 1995-2000
APA; AMINTAPHIL; Association for Politics and the Life Sciences, Feminist Approaches to Bioethics; Feminist Ethics and Social Theory; American Society for Bioethics and the Humanities; North American Society for Social Philosophy; Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs; Hastings Center; American Association of Bioethics; International Association of Bioethics; National Women's Studies Association; Society for Women in Philosophy.


[University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics/University Health Network
Co-Chair, Women’s Health Research Network, Joint Centre for Bioethics
Co-Chair, Clinical Ethics Committee, The Toronto Hospital
Administrator, Philippa Harris Lectureship, Princess Margaret Hospital
[Wells College:]
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 1994-95
Co-Chair, Women's Studies Program, 1992-93
Coordinator, Science, Health & Values Program
Pre-Law Advisor.
1. In Their Best Interest? The Case Against Equal Rights for Children.
Cornell University Press,1992.
Reprinted: Chap. 5 (part), in Children’s Rights Re-Visioned: Philosophical Readings, ed. Rosalind Ekman Ladd (Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1996).
Reprinted: Conclusion (part), in American Issues, Charles Cooper and Susan Peck MacDonald (NY: St. Martin’s Press, forthcoming)

2. Feminist Perspectives in Medical Ethics, ed. (with Helen B. Holmes), Indiana University Press, 1992. Based on the following two special issues of Hypatia: Feminist Ethics & Medicine, Associate Editor, (with Editor Helen B. Holmes), Hypatia, Vol. 4, no. 2 (Summer 1989). Ethics & Reproduction, Editor, Hypatia, Vol. 4, no. 3 (Fall 1989).

3. Reproducing Persons. Cornell University Press, 1996.

4. Violence Against Women: Philosophical Perspectives, ed. (with Stanley French and Wanda Teays), Cornell University Press, 1998.

5. Embodying Bioethics: Feminist Advances, ed. (with Anne Donchin), Rowman & Littlefield, 1999.

6. Bioethics, Justice, & Health Care, (with Wanda Teays), Wadsworth, 2002. (bioethics text)

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Letters from Baruch Brody, Virginia Held, Mary Mahowald, Robert Simon, Leslie Miller-Bernal, Rosemarie Tong, can be obtained from the Career Planning and Placement Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-3081
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